The Lown Cardiovascular Group provides patient-centered, noninvasive cardiovascular care that emphasizes prevention, compassion, and trust between doctor and patient.

Our doctors understand the importance of doing more for the patient, and less to the patient.

We specialize in second opinions, especially when it comes to evaluating the need for invasive procedures. We also offer nutrition counseling and on-site testing in our fully accredited cardiac labs, with free parking, no facility fees, and a relaxed and unhurried atmosphere.

Clinical Care

We are dedicated to the diagnosis, prevention, and noninvasive treatment of the full range of cardiac conditions.

Nutrition Services

The Lown Group offers nutrition counseling services on a variety of health conditions and issues.

Cardiac Testing

The Lown Group specializes in noninvasive testing and treatment of cardiac conditions and diseases.

Second Opinions

The Lown Group specializes in providing non-invasive options for managing a patient’s heart health.